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Mixed Sizes Promade Coloured Lash Fans - 6D 0.07mm

Mixed Sizes Promade Coloured Lash Fans - 6D 0.07mm

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Pro-Made Mixed Colour Lashes  

These lashes spread into fans like a dream and are the perfect compliment to lashes for your adventurous clients. 

      Coloured Pro-made  Mixed Lashes Special Features

  • Colour Lashes  makes application easy even for a beginner lash artist
  • Mixed Colour Pro-made Lashes comes with 9mm- 16 mm
  • Colour Promade Loose  LASHES come in The most popular D Curl 
  • Available Colours   Green, White, Blue, Red, Pink , Yellow, Purple
  • TOTAL Fans: 1000 - 1100 FANS
  • 6D, 0.07


  • Handcrafted by skilled lash artists.  Each fan is picked by lash artists, they offer a much more genuine lashing experience and look.
  • Tiny adhesive bases used for best bonding results, very lightweight
  • Save time for lash artists, cut down your prep and application time
  • Extremely sharp & pointy base that will help you achieve 21+ days retention
  • Wide appearance enough to create a soft and fluffy volume effect
  • Easy to apply to natural lashes


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