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Glitter Lashes 0.15 | 11-16mm

Glitter Lashes 0.15 | 11-16mm

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                              Glitter Lashes

Create an exceptional moment with our Premuim Glitter Lashes. These attention-grabbing lashes are perfect for a special pop of color, to bring out the bling and shine. Glitter Lashes can also be used as a color highlight and can be trimmed if your clients desire a shorter look.

Glitter Lashes Colour Available  White and Blue. 

You can create Volume and Classic set with Glitter Lashes

Comes with 11mm-16mm  C curl 0.15mm thickness.

*Please note: Glitter lashes are typically used to accent a look and not done as a full set. The cosmetic grade glitter used to make these beautiful lashes will shed (fall-out) slightly during the application process when handling the lashes, and shed over time depending on how hard your client is on their lashes or environmental conditions. After shedding is  complete your client will be left with beautiful extensions.

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