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Easy Fanning Lashes |8mm-15mm| 0.07

Easy Fanning Lashes |8mm-15mm| 0.07

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                 Easy Fanning Lashes 0.07  

Easy fanning/Blooming lashes 0.07 is specially designed for any lash tech looking to reduce the time during a custom volume set.The unique sticky lash strip will prevent the volume fans from separating at the base, allowing artist to create the perfect fan within seconds.

Length: 8-15mm mixed length

-12 Line :

1x 8mm ,1x 9mm, 2x10 mm, 2x11mm, 2x12mm, 2x13mm, 1x14mm, 1x15mm

Made from Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT) materials which are light and flexible with a fine sheen. Easy fanning/Blooming lashes 0.07 have micropores in the surface to help lash glues bond well.

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